Our cold process, raw goats milk soaps are handcrafted in small batches and made with cruelty free, wholesome & safe ingredients. We use local farm fresh goats milk, top quality olive, avocado and unrefined organic coconut oil. That fabulous after-shower hydration and nourishment comes from raw shea and organic cacao butters. We believe in the preservation of our earth and rainforests so our soaps are palm oil free.

Our gently fragranced soaps are made with pure essential oils. In addition to smelling delicious, essential oils are uniquely beneficial to the health of your skin. Extracted from pure botanicals, essential oils have soothing, hydrating and healing properties. That means our recipes are formulated to feed your skin necessary ingredients and vitamins that every day soaps do not.

The natural colors of our soaps come earth friendly clays, teas, and extracts. Those beautiful muted tones are au natural!

There isn't any junk in our products and we never cut corners. Your body deserves to be nourished from the outside as well as the inside. When choosing Grace Gardens soaps you are choosing to give your skin the very best!!



Earth Friendly.

Locally Sourced.



Plastic free

Palm oil free 

Cruelty free


Image by Vanessa Ochotorena

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