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Shipping prices are predetermined based on the shipping calculator. Expedited shipping is available.


All orders will be processed in 1-2 business days unless you order a soap the week it becomes available, then it may be held up a couple of days to ship out with the rest of the order. Soaps that are finishing drying and curing will be "in stock" the week they are released. 

If you are local, I am happy to arrange apickup/dropoff, please choose the local shipping option. I will follow up and make arrangements. 


Under the rare circumstances that you purchase a bar and have an adverse reaction, I will be happy to replace the bar. All of our soaps have the ingredients listed so please be sure to read through them in case you are allergic to an essential oil or plant based ingredient. Thank you


If you are ordering directly through our site, we accept credit/debit.

 If you are picking up locally I will accept cash or Venmo.


If you are interesting in carrying our products, please head to our CONTACT link and send me an email!

I will be happy to follow up and discuss wholesale options directly.

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