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How it all began...


I’m Megan, the founder of Grace Gardens Soap . For over 20 years, I’ve talked about the idea of making natural goats milk soaps for myself, friends and family. I’ve struggled with adult acne and skin issues for many years. I’ve looked for solutions that wouldn’t force me to use harsh chemicals to manage them. 

I started creating products made from raw goats milk, healthy natural oils, and therapeutic essential oils and began to see the difference they made. I fell in love with the process and having a creative outlet again. I knew it was time to make Grace Gardens a reality. So, with a dream and vision in mind, my daughters and I set out to make Grace Gardens a reality. 

Shop local, shop small, are both messages I've always had a heart for. When you support small business you support a family, a dream, and so much more. We set out to support other local businesses by sourcing locally and through other small business owners.

Our goats milk comes from a neighboring family farm. The honey we use is made in town, as well as some of the herbs and natural colorants that go into our creations. 

We believe in creating a wholesome and natural product made up of skin nourishing ingredients you will feel safe putting on your skin. So much so that you won't want to go back to store bought soap and body washes. Our cold process soaps contain natural clays and colorants, always free of synthetic ingredients, dyes and fragrances. 

Meet the


Our raw goats milk comes from Nubian goats who live on an all natural and free range local family farm. 


As a small business we love to source our ingredients locally and support other small businesses.


Our goal is to have our own farm in the near future and raise goats. In the meantime, we are grateful to live in beautiful New England with so many neighboring farms we love and trust. 

And see how we create our soap...



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